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With equal parts silence and strength, Genya Turovskaya's astute language accrues force and gorgeously takes its time. This book is not afraid to build slowly and to burn. The thoughts are electric as they leap from phrase to phrase and they possess a compelling interiority throughout. There is a heady mix of music and address all built from a singular imagination. Or, as she writes: "all of this is real." The Breathing Body of This Thought is a wonderful book.


Imagine you could lift time up like a lid; imagine beneath a substratum of first and last particulars that form brief visionary episodes, in which life's beauties and terrors glint and mutate on "the floating filament of temporary/vowels." In Genya Turovskaya's The Breathing Body of This Thought, the protean force of language is newly manifest, in poems of sustained acuity and extraordinary power. "Yet it may be possible to be sung back to life."



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